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Yes, both the The INS breast pump and the Express Cups are a closed-system. This means breast milk won’t come in contact with the motor unit, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic.

Charging the pump’s high-performance lithium ion battery takes approximately 3 hours and the charge lasts 90-110 minutes; or 4–6  15-minute pumping sessions between charges.

We recommend a session of approximately 15 minutes. A safety setting will stop the pump at the maximum recommended session time of 30 minutes in case you nod off mid-session.

To measure: Stimulate your nipple so that it stands up and measure the width (diameter) of the nipple base (don’t include the areola) then follow any of the following methods:

COIN METHOD: To know your flange size, if your nipple (excluding the areola) is same or smaller than a 25 centavo coin, kindly choose 24mm or smaller. If bigger than a 25 centavo coin, kindly choose 28mm or bigger.

Step 1: Measure the diameter of your nipple base with a ruler in millimeters (exclude the areola)

Step 2: Add 2-4mm to your nipple measurement. Example: 20mm + 4mm = 24mm (This is your flange size)

* If you’re in between sizes, choose the bigger size (ex. 25mm, your breast shield size will be 28mm)

** If you are currently pregnant consider sizing up a few millimetres as nipple size can get slightly larger following childbirth.

Yes, The INS is designed with your mobility in mind – doing housework, chasing toddlers, travelling in a car or plane, moving around the office, at celebrations.

The INs pump is very quiet. Sitting at an average of 43db, it is equivalent to the noise level of a library. The only sound the pump makes is generated by the motor unit and the movement of the membrane, which is barely noticeable when listening to music, television, or conversation.

You won’t need a pumping bra, but maternity bras work best when using The ONE Express Cups as the fabrics tend to be soft shell and the straps extend at the front to allow a little extra room for the cups.      

Wash the silicone and plastic parts of the pump or express cups in warm soapy water and rinse before sterilising. Allow to dry completely before reassembly. The motor unit should only be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

We offer a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase on product faults purchased at our authorized stores. Warranty is only applicable to the Youha motor with tamper-proof stickers. 30-day motor replacement if the motor is found defective.

1-year warranty covering the motor, other parts like the cups and valve are not covered. Please change parts regularly. For repair of pumps due to causes other than factory defect, corresponding fees will be charged. Delivery fee is also cared for by the customer.

For Youha motor concerns, DM the store where you bought your Youha pump for initial assessment and purchase verification (can’t be through any other platform, can’t be claimed by another person).   

The intimate nature of the breast pump and parts prevent us from accepting returns, but we’re always here and happy to help you get the best pumping experience possible should you need any support. Please email us at at [email protected] and tell us your situation.

We are currently shipping only to the Philippines.

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