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Popular questions

Yes, both the The INS breast pump and the Express Cups are a closed-system. This means breast milk won’t come in contact with the motor unit, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic.

Charging the pump’s high-performance lithium ion battery takes approximately 3 hours and the charge lasts 90-110 minutes; or 4–6  15-minute pumping sessions between charges.

We recommend a session of approximately 15 minutes. A safety setting will stop the pump at the maximum recommended session time of 30 minutes in case you nod off mid-session.

Yes, The INS is designed with your mobility in mind – doing housework, chasing toddlers, travelling in a car or plane, moving around the office, at celebrations.

The INs pump is very quiet. Sitting at an average of 43db, it is equivalent to the noise level of a library. The only sound the pump makes is generated by the motor unit and the movement of the membrane, which is barely noticeable when listening to music, television, or conversation.